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                                                   Good Clinical    Practice                                     (Now In Progress)

 9 - 10 February 2017

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Research Methods has changed to

26-30 Sept. 2016

Deadline for applying:

19 Sept. 2016

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Research Policy

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1. SACORE - Research Capacity Strengthening in Africa Institution Initiative

2. BRADG11 - Developing Comprehensive Research Support Services of CHS

3. ARISE (NACCAP II) - High Quality Research & Sustainable Research Capacity Building through a Research Support & Training.

4. NORHED - Development of a Novel Nursing & Midwifery Graduate & PostGraduate Training Programme.

5. FORGARTY- HIV Implementation Science Research and Training Program.

6. GENSHIV - The Male Genital Schistososmiasis & HIV Study.

7. CRYPTOART - The Cryptoart Study: Decreasing Mortality Associated with Initiation of ART.

8. AMARI - African Mental Health Research Initiative

9. GILES - Genomic, Inheritance, Legal, Ethical and Social Issues

10. UZ-CHS Birth Cohort Recruiting- HIV Exposure, Disease Acquisition and Progression Among Children: Role of Maternal Immunogenetics Viral Genetic Diversity, HAART Exposure, Co-Morbidities & Psycho-Social Status

RSC J-Club

Research Support Centre

Journal Club

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